Collection: Breathe Naturals

Looking for an amazing new deodorant that actually works? Well you’ve come to the right place!! People love Breathe Naturals because it keeps you smelling fresh ALL day long (say goodbye to B.O.), it’s super gentle on sensitive skin (so no rashes), glides on clear & silky smooth (no pit stains), smells AMAZING, and is all natural, vegan, and aluminum free! Proudly made in the USA in Sunny St. Petersburg, FL 🇺🇸.

The No List: We believe what's NOT in your products is just as important as what is in them. That's why our deodorant is 100% Free of Aluminum, Parabens, Animal Testing/ Cruelty, Synthetic Color & Fragrance, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, BPAs, Triclosan, Talc, and Benzene.