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Grow Fragrance

Grow Fragrance Air and Fabric Freshener

Grow Fragrance Air and Fabric Freshener

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Grow Fragrance is modern home fragrance that is  100% plant-based, toxin free & safe for your home.

100% Plant-based - Smells like nature because it comes from nature — certified 100% plant-based ingredients.
Ingredient Transparency - To feel good about a product, you need to know what's in it, and what's not.
Toxin Free - None of the harmful chemicals found in traditional petroleum-based products. 
Spray Dimensions: Height: 7.88in  ·  Width: 1.56in
~500 Sprays: 5 oz - Reusable trigger sprayer


  • Blondewood has notes of vanilla bean, shea butter, and teakwood with a hint of almond.
  • Cedar Citrus has notes of blood orange, cedar and vetiver.
  • Bamboo has notes of green foliage, citrus and pink peppercorn.
  • Apple Pomander has notes of fresh apple, orange, cinnamon and clove.
  • Sea Salt Neroli has notes of tropical orange blossom, fresh herbs and Himalayan sea salt. A great beachy, summer scent!
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